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Reinventing businesses through the use of progressive technologies is our forte, and we love the challenge. Our goal is always to ease our clients through the process, deliver superior results and reduce technical debt to maximze the investment.

Sitecore Data Importer

Module in the Sitecore Marketplace for easy import of CSV, docx and zip files of docx files.

Data Importer

Sitecore Marketplace module for importing data into Sitecore items. Built-in data providers include Sitecore Importer, SQL importer, MySQL Importer and CSV Importer.

Kofax Kapow™

Third-party migration and integration tool for extracting data from multiple sources, transforming data, and moving it to a new platform.

Custom Development

Leverage the flexibility of Sitecore’s ASP.NET based platform to customize data migrations, third-party integrations and more.

Other Data Integration

Integration with other third-party systems. Examples but not limited to eCommerce, Financial, ERP, CRM systems.


Sitecore 8.0 – 8.1 upgrades bring your tools to the next generation of experience management with new analytics reporting, testing and customer experience management as well as updated CMS interfaces.

Aspenware is a one-stop-shop for Sitecore solutions

Our team of experts can tackle a wide range of Sitecore services, not limited to Strategy & Development. We also offer services in Sitecore migration, upgrades, support, maintenance and tech resourcing. For an overview of our Sitecore services you can learn more here.

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