JANUARY 15, 2016

"What’s possible?"

(Without being overly sober and philosophical,) this is the question our clients endeavor to answer in Aspenware’s Design Workshop. It’s a multi-hour or multi-day lab that connects stakeholders, designers, UX experts, business analysts and developers. The result is a blueprint for a right-fitting technology solution and a roadmap to implement it successfully.
It’s a collaborative effort all the way, and that’s why we believe it works.

We recently ran the workshop with BI, a Boulder-based company that provides devices and software for monitoring law offenders.

The workshop was initiated because BI had recognized that their officers needed a mobile interface for managing and monitoring clients. They needed a solution that was easily available and one that didn’t require everyone to be tethered to a computer. So Aspenware customized a Design Workshop to brainstorm with BI stakeholders, determine the right solution, test and prove its value, and provide the solution flow and its main screens. We worked together to prioritize the best features and validate them against real users. Then we converted those features into a working prototype that users could try on their mobile devices.

After discussions with BI users and further iteration, Aspenware delivered the final prototype and a design guide to get BI started on developing their application internally.

"It was electric to see officers’ reactions to the prototype," said Rob Clark, Aspenware director of UX. "They lit up when they discovered features that were solving their real, daily problems."

BI achieved results that would have been difficult to produce otherwise (without an internal design team), and they learned a process for design and UX that they can leverage in future projects.

"That was quite an experience and went much better than I anticipated," said Jim Buck, Senior Product Manager and BI employee of nearly 40 years, "mostly due to [Aspenware] folks and their ability to quickly digest our quirky little business."