JULY 24, 2016

With several Sitecore projects under our belt, we have come to love the capabilities and flexibility of the Sitecore platform, and now we’re making it official – Aspenware is a Sitecore Certified Implementation Partner.

We have teamed up with Sitecore to provide implementation services to their customers in Colorado and help build the local, Sitecore developer community. Part of this venture includes building a Sitecore practice within Aspenware including four primary offerings:

  1. Strategy & development
  2. Migrations, upgrades & integrations
  3. Support & maintenance
  4. Tech resourcing

With the advantage of our sister company – a startup called Aventeer – we’re also able to access, engage and build a strong community of local developers and increase awareness of the Sitecore platform, capabilities and development opportunities. Aspenware’s Ben Hoelting, Senior Technologist and Microsoft MVP, is leading the charge with two new local User Groups for CMS and Sitecore enthusiasts in Colorado Springs and Denver.

Ben will be joined by Dave Youngerman, Aspenware Senior Technologist and Sitecore Certified Developer, this fall in New Orleans for their session at the Sitecore Symposium titled "Do this, don’t do that: A primer on Sitecore development." During this session they will share their experience and expertise gained from working on Aspenware client projects for Arrow, Gates, Vail and others leveraging the Sitecore platform.

Although Aspenware has been working on Sitecore projects for some time now, we are excited to officially announce our partnership and offerings as this enterprise CMS solution continues to grow and impact Colorado companies by taking their marketing and customer experience to a whole new level.

Learn more about our Sitecore offerings here.