AUGUST 11, 2016

At Aspenware, we’ve seen lots of smart and strong companies struggle with "Going Agile."

Companies decide that agile is the way to help them be more efficient and get to market faster. Companies want to build the right product at the right time.

Then the reality hits — "Going Agile" isn’t the same as "Doing Agile Well".

Common concerns we see over and over include:

  • Agile is too many meetings and a waste of time
  • The management doesn’t support us so why bother
  • Agile doesn’t work in our industry
  • Our Product Owners don’t know what to do.

At Aspenware, we’ve worked with companies to identify challenges and get better at using Agile.

For example,

  • We help teams continually improve on making commitments.
  • We help traditional project managers succeed as scrum masters.
  • We help product owners find the right products to build.

Here’s how we can work together to "Do Agile Well"

  • We can introduce agile to new teams
  • Facilitate product backlog creation and grooming sessions to build the right things first.
  • Socialize agile throughout the organization
  • Mentor and coach scrum masters
  • Act as a Product Owner on a project (or work along side someone who wants to learn how to be a good Product Owner)
  • Take over the Scrum Master role of troubled teams

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