OCTOBER 26, 2016

Aspenware mobile developers are excited about using Ionic in conjunction with Angular to quickly and easily deliver mobile apps for use. Aspenware just finished two apps recently with a third in development that we want to let Denver know about.

  • Christine Kennedy and Brian Pedersen just finished a ski season pass reload mobile app that Aspenware is sharing with ski resorts in and out of Colorado. The mobility will allow skiers to purchase additional ski days on last year’s ski pass during the long drive on 70. Christine and Brian used Ionic 2 and Angular 2 for iOS and Android app creation.
  • Brian Pedersen updated the Colorado Technology Association mobile app in time for CTA’s Tech Summit on 10/19/16. Brian used Ionic 1 and Angular 1.x for iOS and Android app creation. This app is available Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.
  • Jeff Stagg, Aspenware Mobile Developer is currently assigned to client Tendril and working on a team utilizing Ionic for mobile app creation.

Ionic 2 is a cross platform mobile development technology with improved performance over its predecessor allowing developers to harness the power of rapid app creation through utilization of HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Ionic acting as “bootstrap” across platforms.

Take a peek at some screens that Aspenware estimates took 1/3 of the time to build versus using native iOS and native Android.

"Ionic 2 is the best cross platform mobile development framework I have ever used; I love how fast and simple it is", says Christine Kennedy, Senior Consultant at Aspenware Internet Solutions.

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